This Week in Crypto 22.12.2023

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3 min readDec 22, 2023

Welcome to another exciting edition of “This Week in Crypto,” where we unravel the latest happenings in the ever-evolving realm of digital assets. Each week, we curate essential updates and insights to keep you at the forefront of the crypto space. Stay informed, stay secure, and embark on a journey of discovery with “This Week in Crypto.

Key Insights:

1- Steal Crypto Gains From Whales With These AI Tools

2- Bitcoin Traders See $48K BTC Price Before ETF ‘Sell the News’ Event

3- Risks Around Bitcoin ETF Launch That No One’s Talking About

Steal Crypto Gains From Whales With These AI Tools

Crypto enthusiasts, rejoice! In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, money moves from weak hands to strong hands. Ever wondered why seasoned investors, the whales, make maximum profits? It’s often the lack of data that leaves retail investors with paper hands. In this blog, we unveil essential tools to transform you into a seasoned investor.

Must-Have Tools To Trade Like A Seasoned Investor:

Real-Time Analysis Tools: Dive into predicting market movements with AI-powered DexCheck and other real-time analysis tools. Keep an eye on whale activities like huge deposits or withdrawals to understand market trends.

Sentiment Analysis Tools: Understand the impact of market sentiment with AI-equipped tools that answer the crucial “Whys” for effective risk management.

Trading Bots: Explore the world of 24/7 trading with AI-powered bots capable of auto-executing trades, ensuring you don’t miss profitable opportunities even when you’re away.

Social Media Analysis Tools: Gain market intelligence by tapping into social media trends. Tools like CoinTrendz help you stay ahead by monitoring crypto discussions on platforms like Twitter, Discord, Reddit, and more.

As the crypto market evolves, these AI tools empower retail investors to level the playing field, making more informed decisions and potentially capitalizing on the actions of whales. Seize the opportunity to steal crypto gains from the whales!

Bitcoin Traders See $48K BTC Price Before ETF ‘Sell the News’ Event

Crypto traders, buckle up for potential Bitcoin price action! Analysts suggest a BTC price correction is less likely before the ETF decision, but it might be healthy for Bitcoin overall. The analysis points to $48,000 as a significant topside resistance, with potential market dynamics in play.

Key Insights:

Bitcoin reached $44,000 into the Dec. 21 Wall Street open, signaling the necessity of a price correction. Despite the potential correction, the BTC chart remains robust on all timeframes, forming an ascending triangle. Market attention is focused on the upcoming decision on the United States’ first Bitcoin spot price ETF by Jan. 10. Analysts warn of a possible “buy the rumor, sell the news” event, with expectations of topside resistance and a retracement scenario.

Stay informed as the crypto market unfolds, and get ready for potential opportunities in the coming weeks!

Risks Around Bitcoin ETF Launch That No One’s Talking About

The highly anticipated launch of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States has captivated the cryptocurrency market, with expectations running high for swift trading activity post-approval. Nevertheless, Coinbase researchers have pinpointed two substantial risks associated with this milestone.

Firstly, the launch could potentially trigger a shortage of “regulated” Bitcoin, as ETF issuers must source their Bitcoin from regulated channels to include in their funds. A surge in demand could potentially outstrip the available supply from these sources, leading to scarcity and the possibility of Bitcoin price spikes.

Secondly, there’s the potential impact on the “basis trade,” a favored institutional trading strategy that capitalizes on the price differential between spot Bitcoin and Bitcoin futures contracts.

With 13 applications for spot Bitcoin ETFs awaiting SEC approval, the market eagerly anticipates potential approval as early as January, highlighting the transformative potential of this market development and its implications for cryptocurrency trading strategies and regulatory discussions.

Stay tuned for more insights, trends, and revelations in the next edition of Crypto Insider Newsletter! 🚀📰



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