This Week in Crypto — 02.02.2024

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2 min readFeb 2, 2024

Curious minds, gather ‘round! This week’s edition of “This Week in Crypto” delves deep into the heart of the ever-surprising crypto landscape.

Brace yourself for the thrilling highlights:

1- FTX Hack Mystery Possibly Solved: Trio Charged With Theft

2- Bitcoin’s January Journey: Modest Gains and Sub-$40K Targets

3- Binance’s GitHub Leak: A Prelude to Financial Turmoil?

4- MXC Update: Growth, Innovations, and Milestones

1- FTX Hack Mystery Solved: Trio Charged with $400M Theft

In a significant development, the U.S. federal government charged three individuals with a sophisticated phone hacking scheme, potentially linked to the infamous FTX hack. The indictment, although not explicitly naming FTX, aligns with the timeline and scale of the $400 million crypto theft during FTX’s tumultuous period. This revelation sheds light on one of the most perplexing episodes in crypto history, offering insights into the mechanisms of cybercrime and its ramifications for the crypto industry’s security landscape.

2- Bitcoin’s January Journey: Modest 0.6% Gains Amid Challenges

Bitcoin’s January performance reflects the market’s resilience amidst numerous challenges. Despite starting the year optimistically, Bitcoin’s journey was marred by volatility and downward pressure, culminating in modest gains of just 0.6%. The persistent bearish sentiment, coupled with macroeconomic uncertainties, weighed heavily on Bitcoin’s price, making it difficult for bulls to reclaim lost ground. As February unfolds, the crypto community closely monitors market dynamics, anticipating potential shifts that could redefine Bitcoin’s trajectory in the coming months.

3- Binance’s GitHub Leak Raises Concerns

A recent GitHub leak involving Binance’s sensitive data has raised significant concerns within the crypto community. The leaked passwords and site code, viewable for months before being removed, highlight vulnerabilities in Binance’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Although Binance assured users of their safety, the incident underscores the growing threat of cyberattacks targeting cryptocurrency exchanges. As investigations continue, questions linger regarding the origin and potential impact of the leaked data, prompting intensified efforts to fortify cybersecurity measures across the industry.

4- MXC Update: Growth, Innovations, and Milestones

MXC witnessed unprecedented growth with 1500 new miners joining the network, bolstered by streamlined service upgrades. Notably, 30 million MXC has been burned, signifying the platform’s commitment to its future. Additionally, MXC introduces a convenient 7-day claiming system for miners. Moreover, following the Ontario upgrade, gas fees have been significantly reduced, prompting a massive influx of miners connecting and fueling up their tanks. The platform swiftly resolves service disruptions, ensuring optimal operational status for all miners. This milestone is celebrated with a giveaway as MXC continues to shape the future of decentralized IoT.

There you have it, folks! Another week, another chapter in the thrilling saga of cryptocurrency. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of “This Week in Crypto”!



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