MXC Kicks, Turkish Distributor, and Latin America Supernode

👟 MXC Kicks

Have you checked out our brand-new bitcoin giveaway for our multi-token miners yet? We have created some limited-edition crypto kicks to celebrate our multi-token miners, and this giveaway is exclusively available to you! If you are mining MXC, DHX, and BTC with your M2 Pro, enter until the 23rd of December for the chance to win your converse, loaded with up to $5,000 worth of $BTC!

🇹🇷 Turkish Distributor

We are thrilled to announce we are collaborating with G2U, who will be our exclusive distributor in Turkey. Together, we look forward to expanding our network across Central Asia.

🌎 Latin America Supernode

We see you, Mexico! And we haven’t forgotten about you!

🤝 Sensing Labs Partnership

Sensing Labs will be joining MatchX/MXC ecosystem as part of Device Provisioning. This innovative provisioning mechanism enables end-users to effortlessly connect and secure their devices.

🤝 Sensgreen Partnership

On top of that, Sensgreen will also be joining the MXC device provisioning protocol. Sensgreen specializes in monitoring air quality with sensor-based data, so we are thrilled to be collaborating in such a productive way. Furthermore, Sensgreen will be our trusted partner in the Gulf region, helping MatchX and the MXC Foundation to continue building our decentralized LPWAN network.

👪 New Teammates

Our MXC crew in Berlin is constantly growing — and so are our crews abroad!

🔧 Tech Question

Question: I want to unstake, and I try to use one of my 2FA backup codes to do so. However, when I input the codes, the DataDash app shows me an error message saying “invalid value”. What should I do?

🎄 Holiday Update

We will be taking some well-deserved rest to refuel and recharge to be ready to do even more great things in 2022. Please be aware that our offices will be closed from the 24th of December through the 2nd of January. Your messages and emails will be seen, but please note that it might take a few days longer.



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