MXC Announces Supernode Partnership: DU IOT

Du Capital, the influential Singaporean VC firm, has announced its expansion into IoT, joining forces with MXC, becoming the 5th MXC Supernode, and the 1st in Singapore.

Du IoT Supernode Opens New Opportunities

Du IoT, managed by Du Capital, is both an early and long-term investor of MXC. As technology continues to change and guide our lives, the need for automation and related developments have come to the forefront. As a result, Du Capital has decided to expand its reach beyond investment and into IoT projects, leading to the formation of Du IoT.

As the 5th global MXC Supernode, and the 1st in Singapore, Du IoT Supernode rubs shoulders with highly reputable MXC Supernodes XY Pool, Huawei Tech, EnLink, and MatchX.

A Strong Signal For Global IoT Community

As many may already know, MXC has been rapidly expanding our network of M2 Pro miners in China.

With Du IoT as the latest MXC Supernode to operate in Singapore, the new Supernode will provide Blockchain-enabled, mass IoT device data network for various key markets such as Japan and South East Asia.

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