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3 min readDec 29, 2023


As we conclude 2023, we extend heartfelt gratitude to our incredible community, making this the final This Week in Crypto issue of the year. Your unwavering support has fueled our journey, from the groundbreaking MXC zkEVM launch to embracing AXS and overcoming challenges. We appreciate your engagement and enthusiasm, eagerly anticipating a stronger 2024 together. This isn’t goodbye; it’s a ‘see you in 2024’ as we continue unraveling crypto tales. Thank you for being part of the MXC community, and here’s to an exciting 2024!

Reflecting on MXC’s Journey in 2023: A Year of Milestones and Community Growth
As we bid adieu to 2023, we embark on a nostalgic journey through MXC’s transformative chapters. The year kicked off with a leap into the future with MXC zkEVM — an innovative layer 3 blockchain on Arbitrum, revolutionizing Web3 IoT transactions. The transition from DataDash to AXS marked a bold stride toward on-chain transparency and user-centric experiences. Amidst these changes, the launch of ISO’s became the heartbeat of our community, empowering individuals to forge tokens like GIN, MAXI, CRAB, and the introduction of Tailz. MXC’s embrace of NEO further bridged gaps in mining, adding both technical prowess and aesthetic value to our ecosystem. Transparent about imperfections, MXC openly acknowledged its journey’s challenges, vowing to be more responsive and attentive. Swift actions followed — significant reductions in gas fees, improved xMXC to MXC ratio, and enhancements to the AXS app — underscored MXC’s commitment to continuous improvement. 2023 unfolded as a year of firsts — launching the zkEVM network, migrating miners, integrating with exchanges, and developing native dApps. Each milestone, a chapter in a story of learning and growth, contributed to the evolution of the MXC ecosystem.

Looking Forward: The MXC 2024 Roadmap
Brace for Impact! The Thrilling Unveiling of MXC’s 2024 Odyssey. 2023 marked the crescendo of MXC’s metamorphosis, but 2024 is the symphony of unprecedented brilliance! Get ready for the groundbreaking roadmap that propels MXC into the echelons of crypto greatness. Migration Extravaganza: DHX and BTC. The grand finale of the MXC migration saga! Watch as we seamlessly migrate DHX and BTC from miners’ balances. Powered by DIGI DAO for DHX and directly by MXC Foundation for BTC, this migration on the MXC zkEVM blockchain promises a fuss-free experience. MXC Airdrop, Incentivized Testnet, Mainnet Magic. Hold tight for the biggest-ever airdrop spectacle! If you’ve interacted on the MXC zkEVM, you’re already accumulating points for the airdrop. It’s not just an airdrop; it’s an immersive experience with tasks, leaderboard battles, and your chance to be a crypto legend!

Sensor Economy Unleashed; Witness the dawn of a sensor revolution! Our plug-and-play sensor ecosystem opens doors for anyone to launch Web3 IoT projects. Deploy your own tokens through a revamped ISO approach, turning your innovative ideas into a reality in less than 5 minutes. The ICO era is reborn, and you’re the maestro! Gas Fee Liberation.

Breathe easy, miners! We heard your concerns, and we’re smashing the gas fee barrier. Experience significantly reduced fees and choose your mining style — set it and forget it or micromanage for optimal gains.

MXC mining is about to get stress-free and more rewarding! Join the MXC 2024 Revolution! This isn’t just a roadmap; it’s an invitation to shape the future of MXC. Join our community, dive into the tasks for the airdrop, share your sensor innovations, and be part of the gas fee liberation movement.

MXC in 2024 is a journey, and YOU are at the heart of it.
Let’s make history together!



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